LTD-Photography's goal is to provide you with a beautiful, carefree experience and timeless images to treasure for a lifetime.


We'll meet at the outdoor location* of your choice for a 45-minute session.

Includes 5 high resolution downloadable images. Rate applies to a couple, only two makes a couple.

Using nature for your engagement session. What is your season? When brainstorming for your engagement session, we head on a road trip.. The best time to shoot with natural lighting is sunset or sunrise (this is early, I’m game). What makes for a great photograph is when we are creative, have some props (for the season), hair, makeup, outfits, and locations are all planned to get the shot! Let’s explore, set up your perfect spot, it’s an adventure. 

Let's not forget the Emotive Prompts, Once we feel comfortable, I’ll try quieter poses. For example:

  • Face one another and put your foreheads together
  • Touch noses
  • Wrap each other up in a tight embrace
  • Hold hands, entwine fingers
  • Kiss fingers

Let’s create an unforgettable show of your love.

*Travel fees may apply for locations more than 30 minutes from Granby, CT.


We'll meet at the outdoor location* of your choice for a 45-minute session. 

Includes 8 high resolution downloadable images.

*Additional fees apply for family groups larger than 5.

*Travel fees may apply for locations more than 30-minutes from Granby, CT

PETS $250

Pets are family too! As an animal lover creating a modern and fun luxury pet image showing off your furry friends in a piece of art. Lisa will create beautiful lighthearted, pet portraits. 

Let's capture their ridiculous personalities, funny character traits, and the absolute never ending love they show us make them the perfect companions. They deserve all the recognition we can give! These portrait sessions are meant to be laid back experiences for both dog and owner, capturing their personalities above all else.

2 digital downloads and a photo gallery.


After booking your session Lisa will be in contact to help prepare for the session. Reviewing ideas, location, clothing, and so on. Photos will be ready to view within 30 days after shoot. Your online gallery will be password protected, you will be able to order images and download from your gallery.

Upon booking your session 50% is due and the remaining 50% is due the day of shoot.  

For your best results your outfit ideas should be neutral in colors - black, navy, and tan are a few good colors. 

I do have lights to work with however, natural light is best. Late afternoon, sunrise or sunset natural lighting is quite beautiful. 

Show up show ready. Your hair and makeup done, bring touch up supplies. Depending on the season have bug spray handy!