I always want my clients to have enough information to help them feel prepared before the day we take photos. So in this post, I will tell you how to prepare for your photo session!

Using NATURE, the Great Outdoors for you're Session

Keep it simple. We're heading on a road trip. The best time to shoot with natural lighting is sunset or sunrise (this is early, I’m game). What makes for a great photograph is when we are creative, have some props (for the season), hair, makeup, outfits, and locations are all planned to get the shot! Let’s explore, set up your perfect spot, it’s an adventure. Whether it is a street art setting or beach we can create the best images for you.

*Once you book your time we will chat and set up our place and ideas.

All Portrait Sessions

We'll meet at a studio, your home, or an outdoor location of your choice for a 45-60 minute session.

Includes a few high resolution downloadable images. Although I’d absolutely LOVE to have your photo session at your home and I will urge you to consider this first, I know that this is not always ideal for everyone. Some clients prefer to have a photo session on location; so I will help you find a park, local studio, or other fun location that is also meaningful for you, your family, and friends.

One of my main priorities for your session is to feel comfortable and less posed. We will keep things light and a bit spontaneous for a more lifestyle-like photo session so your time can be as worry and stress free as possible. I think having enough info ahead of time can help cut down on any anxiety leading up to your session.

What to Wear?

Plan your outfits at least a week in advance. Don’t wait until the last day, trust me! And go ahead and pack an extra outfit for each person.

What you wear will depend on the time of year, the setting, the occasion, and ultimately your unique personality. It’s always a safe bet to be in touch with your photographer about your photo shoot outfits, but if no direction is specifically given, here are some general ideas about what to wear to a photoshoot:

  • Keep accessories and jewelry simple, or skip it altogether.
  • Stick to solidmuted colors–earthy tones, muted gem tones, monochrome, beige, and taupe are great examples.
  • Low contrast outfits (if your shirt is pure white, go for lighter color bottom pieces.)
  • Flatter your figure–don’t wear clothes that are entirely too tight or loose, or clothes that accentuate your insecurities. Wear something you feel beautiful in.
  • Wear sleeves or quarter-sleeves if weather permits. In my experience, the women I photograph are most insecure about the way their arms appear. Covering your arms may take the focus away from them and flatter their shape at the same time.
  • Idea for dresses, pants, or dresses. There is just something about a long flowy dress that photographs so beautifully, and you may have fun wearing one!
  • Wear your hair how you like it, but typically stay away from ponytails. Typically, the looser and more flexible the style, the better!
  • Coordinate your clothing–in group photos, try to keep everyone on the same page and color palette of 2-4 colors. The best tip I recommend for a place to start your family outfit planning is to pick one item of clothing with a few colors (like mom or daughter’s dress) and pull colors from that for everyone else to wear. Dress like you go together.


  • Ladies, the most important aspect of your outfits for headshots is your neckline. I recommend bringing tops and dresses that have asymmetrical or modest necklines (save the cleavage for a boudoir shoot). Round necklines are elegant, classic and professional. V-necks tend to give off a more casual vibe and don’t typically sit as nicely over your shoulders and chest. Round necks are my favorite because they bring attention back up toward your eyes.
  • Bring at least one dress to your session. Dresses with a thicker material will fight off wrinkles better than thin dresses. You can absolutely bring patterned or colorful dresses.
  • If you bring jewelry I’ll help you pair jewelry with your outfits when you arrive to your session.
  • Avoid shirts with collars unless that is part of your job-specific attire
  • Wear simple, barely there makeup. Especially avoid heavy eye makeup for a natural look. If your want a dramatic look let's go for it, we can chat and get creative.
  • Bring solid colored neutrals and basics that we can mix and match.
  • Bring a whole suitcase if you can’t decide, I’ll be happy to help you go through your options!
  • Hair, clean and styled and bring hair products for quick touchups. Also, bring bands, hair ties, and such to quick change the mood or look.


  • Bring options! Bring different ties, different shirts, different suit jackets.
  • For casual headshot sessions, dating headshot or actor headshot sessions, bring a basic soft tee and long sleeve shirt.
  • Wear white, grey, black, and taupe. Avoid bright neons, no logo shirts to distacting.
  • Bring something fun if that’s your brand or your personality! If you have a shirt with a fun pattern, bring it along! We might be able to work with that.
  • Groom your hair and/or facial hair. Come clean.


Pets are family too! As an animal lover I love creating a modern and fun luxury pet image showing off your furry friends. Let's capture their ridiculous personalities, funny character traits, and the love they show us. These portrait sessions are meant to be a laid back experiences for both dog and owner, capturing their personalities above all else.


After booking your session Lisa will be in contact to help prepare for the session. Reviewing ideas, location, clothing, and other details. Photos will be ready to view within 30 days after shoot. Your online gallery will be password protected, you will be able to order images and download from your gallery.

Upon booking your session 50% is due at booking and the remaining 50% is due the day of shoot.  

For your best results your outfit ideas should be neutral in colors - black, navy, and tan are a few good colors. 

I do have lights to work with however, natural light is best. Late afternoon, sunrise or sunset natural lighting is quite beautiful. 

Show up show ready. Your hair and makeup done, bring touch up supplies. Depending on the season have bug spray handy! 

Best Time of Day to Photo-shoot Portrait Photography

All sessions are on location indoor or outside. In natural light, the best time for outdoor portrait photography it is a few hours after sunrise or a few hours before sunset. You want to choose a time when the sun is low and shadows create an interesting and flattering atmosphere. 

LTD-Photography's goal is to provide you with a beautiful, carefree experience and timeless images to treasure for a lifetime.